United in Courage & Grief
Grief is the most patient and persistent of all of life’s companions.
It is an ancient, universal power that links all human beings together.
-Molly Fumia
Blessings, Prayers, Lyrics, Poems & Quotes
In this time of national crisis and tragedy, we have found ourselves looking for ways of making some sense of the events.
Many turn (or return) to their faith and the traditional healing found by saying or hearing of blessings or prayers. Others turn to words--written, spoken or sung--written by themselves, written by others--as an effective way of finding a voice for their feelings and expression for their grieving heart. Words can provide a source of solace, hope, comfort and reassurance--emotions much needed during the grieving process. Words, in whatever form, help us to realize that we are not alone or unique in our feelings of grief or desolation.

I saw a terrible tragedy and yelled at God, "How could you let such a thing happen?
Why didn't you do something"
A little while later, God's answer came: 'I did do something.  I made you.'"

On the day of the attack, we received an e-mail from someone searching the web for sympathy poems that could be used at a vigil she planned for that day. Christine found the poem I had written several years ago, "A Better Place" on our website and read this aloud as part of their remembrance. I felt honored that the poem written in a different context several years before would be one that would reach her heart, help her express what she was feeling and begin the healing process following this traged.

Blessings, Prayers, Lyrics, Poems & Quotes can be helpful to us during times of grief when we are searching to make sense of the insensible as a way of communicating our extreme grief, or understanding the grief of others. Over the last several weeks, we have watched, listened and read many poignant words--blessings & prayers, lyrics & songs--that have been helpful in the beginning of the healing process for this country and for the world.

The collection of healing words that I complied became too long to include on just one page. What follows are links to separate pages with a variety of blessings, prayers, lyrics, poems and quotes about grief, loss and the grieving process which I hope will be helpful in the healing process.

(Words on Grief)
It will take time and energy to be healed
from this most tragic community wound.
For the families of the victims there will be only grief and despair.
For us as a community there can be healing...
by helping those who suffer and are in pain.
- Rabbi Steven E. Foster
(Speaking about Columbine)
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Page posted October 7, 2001.
In Memory of all those lost and forever missing from the events on September 11, 2001, the day our world changed.
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