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The following poem is one I received a second poem from 'Kind Angel.' This poem captures the joy and enthusiasm for beginning to live life again after emerging transformed.  It is one of the poems also used as a Confirmation for the Transformation Butterfly.
The Angelic Butterfly
by Kind Angel
© 7 May 1995, Kind Angel
About the Author:

Cathy A. Wierman writes under the pen name of Kind Angel. The Angel Butterfly was written as a response to visiting her father's gravesite in 1995 for the first time since his death to suicide. She went to forgive him for years of abuse, terror, his death and her mother's murder.  This poem came as a result of that release. She continues writing poems in her journal and collecting poems of a spiritual nature, friendship or humor which she often shares with friends, on her emailing list. Many of these poems are in our archives, waiting to be added to the site.
For her story of loss, recovery and transformation, see entry # 13 on our Transformation Book
Cathy now refers to herself as The Angelic Butterfly , stating: " I have shed my cocoon and I'm soaring farther, and higher than I ever dared dream.  It took a long time to reach this stage, but it was worth it!" Her mission is similar to my own: "If I can help one person I will consider my mission a success!"
For those interested in receiving her Kind Angel mailings, contact her at KindAngel2@aol.com

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 Butterflies is copyrighted by Kind Angel 1995 and used with permission.
The image is The Lily Fairy 1888 by Luis Ricardo Falero.
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