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This poem sent to the site, by published poet Karen T. Coutermarsh Fahel, was the first of my confirmations for the Transformation Butterfly. In this poem she captures the essence of what I feel is essential important to understanding the grief experience. Each of us may be 'alone' in our unique experience with a loss, but the underlying feelings of grief are common and these common feelings can be understood by others who have experienced a loss. 
This realization is an important part of the transformation process. 
 by K.C. Fahel 
    I crawl alone along the ground 
    I creep along my way 
    I look up and I see the sky 
    I wish so hard that I can fly 
    And soar above the day 

    I'm shadowed by the swaying grass 
    And leaves on plants and trees 
    Between them all I see the sun 
    I dream of all the wondrous fun 
    Of flying on the breeze 

    I'm thinking that I'm all alone 
    When I discover here 
    Some others who, all just like me 
    Just wishing that they too were free 
    To find compassion near 

    They notice me, I notice them 
    We soar up to the skies 
    We glide on love's uplifting air 
    Within the kindness that we all share 
    We've become butterflies  

    © 15 July, 1988 'Amalthea Celebras'  K.C. Fahel
About the Author: 
Karen T. Coutermarsh Fahel was born in Nashua, New Hampshire, and has lived in New Hampshire all her life.  Educated in Nashua schools, she currently works as an Administrative Assistant.  She enjoys acting and singing in a local theater.  She has published a number of poems  and is affiliated with the National Library of Poetry and the Famous Poets Society of California.  She and her husband of 13 years, Leigh, currently live in Allenstown, New Hampshire, with their cats.  They both are involved in volunteer work, and contribute to such organizations as Make a Wish and DARE.
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