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The scent of the ocean 
clings in the air. 
The mist on my face 
leaves a salty taste in my mouth. 
The breeze plays with my hair, 
and cools my skin. 

A flock of seagulls fly overhead, 
carefree and peaceful. 
"Please, take me with you, 
I want to be free." 

The waves break on the shore 
A calming, soothing lullaby 
of life's eternal ebb and flow. 
I listen entranced by this ancient song, 
healing the soul with its primeval melody. 

The warmth of the day 
slowly fades.  
I watch the glow descent from the sky 

As colors change  
from golden yellow 
to sanguine pink  
and finally healing violet. 

The last rays reach across the water 
to touch my heart 
and restore my spirit. 

I am renewed, strengthened 
able to face another day. 

Kirsti A. Dyer, MD, MS
Sunset is copyrighted 1997 by Pathway Community Services and appears in Peace of Hope Fall 1997 Number 16, p.16. It can also be found on their website, under Poems.
For more information on Peace of Hope, an inspirational and life-affirming quarterly publication from those affected  by cancer, visit their website at http://www.execpc.com/~ctroestl/poh/ or contact Carol Troestler, Pathway Community Services (800) 851-9436, email ctroestl@execpc.com. 
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