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This poem was sent by several visitors to the site, with the hopes that we might be able to use it. Reading this poem, I was brought to tears. The words share the power of love to reach and to heal -- even from beyond the grave.
Author Unknown

This poem made me stop and wonder for a bit. "Would there be a part of me left behind to help them throught the grieving process, in case of my death?" Could I leave something behind to help?" I realize that with the creation of the Journey of Hearts site, there will be something for my husband, my friends and my family to have to help them through the process of grieving.

This poem really made me stop and reflect that perhaps instead of just leaving a will, that there might be a way to leave something else behind, a tape, a memorial bench, a dozen roses, that would help families to cope.
If people have suggestions as to what else might be good ways of helping those you love to cope after you are gone, or things that others have done, forward them on and we will start a list.

One of the visitors who forwared this poem, was still grieving the loss of her father to Pancreatic Cancer. Sheila Baustian had sent along her feelings, which are now included, about the poem, "I Watch you Go." She described that poem as being "a great source of strength for me since the death of my Dad in September."

Along with this poem she sent the following message:

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