On Letting Go
Poem--I Watch you Go
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As I transcribed these words to create a webpage, I realized that they were words that I could have written myself, about similar situations...but with a particular twist. The twist I was to discover later...the feelings are about losses and letting go...a more controlled, composed grief, with plans to fall apart at a later time.
I Watch you Go
Susanah Thompson, © 1996
This poem was sent to me by my sister-in-law, I thought as another of the many quotes and expressions that she has been forwarding me to use for the website. I discovered later that it was a poem written by her, after she had to give up one of her horses, Tess. She writes, "It was meant to be a good-bye to a horse gone down the road, but it could apply to people as well."
This poem to me further underscores the common feeling of loss and could equally apply to loss of a relationship or a child going off to school, as well as the loss of a good friend, a pet...a horse.
Last updated May 11, 1998
The poem I Watch you Go is © 1996 by Susanah Thompson. The Photograph is © 1998 by Kirsti A. Dyer.
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