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This message of remembrance comes from several sources. It was used as an example of a way of remembering at the Bereavement Course that I took.  A longer version was sent to us (see below) with a few extra verses, which added to the poem. What more appropriate Ways to Remember than with "We Remember Them," as a way of remembering those who are no longer with us.

We Remember Them
From the Gates of Repentance
New Union Prayer Book for the Days of Awe
Author Unknown
In Memory of Fletcher David McNeil
August 3, 1998 - August 26, 1998

After placing this prayer up on the site, I got the following message:

You included "We Remember Them." If it's the prayer/group reading you're speaking of, it's in the Memorial Service/Yiskor section of the Gates of Repentance, the New Union Prayer Book for the Days of Awe, the reform Judaism prayerbook for Rosh Hashona and Yom Kippur. Pages 490/491.
I first heard about it from my therapist, who had also used it at her son's memorial 4+ years ago. Then I found it during the holidays in September. Her version actually had a couple extra verses than the version in the prayer book. We used it at my baby son's, Fletcher's memorial. We obviously changed the "them" to "him." We had everyone read this aloud together. It was beautiful.

Laura Stusser-McNeil
Last updated December 11, 1998
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