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What's New on Journey of Hearts?
- August 2000 - December 2001 -

blue giftThis page lets visitors to this site find the newest sections, including the latest articles, poems and information about Journey of Hearts as it is added to the site. The new entries are listed in reverse order, with the latest additions or changes at the top.

December 2001

  • 9-11 RibbonRevised Article, Holiday or Anyday Blues, Ways of Coping - "Coping with the Holidays in the Year of Tragedy and Change: How Tragic Events Impact the Holiday Season" - This article, finished on the 3rd month anniversary of the September 11 events, is a shorter, revised version of the Holidays 2001 article, that focuses primarily on helping Victims and Survivors of Tragedy as well as thoughts surounding the holidays this year. The article also appears on the website.
  • Article, Ways of Coping - "Good Grief! I'm Having a Charlie Brown Xmas." - This article explores the holiday through the "blue" eyes of Charlie Brown. It also looks at my personal experience of the holiday blues during medical school and training and offers some strategies for coping with the blues during medical training, as well as coping with the blues in general. The article also appears on the website.
  • Thoughts on This Holiday Season of Change - Not quite a poem, not quite a blessing these "Thoughts on the 2001 Holiday Season A Time of Change" are offered so that others might reflect on the year that has been, the challenges we have faced, the changes that have taken place, and what we have learned. I hope that others reading these thoughts will feel blessed as I do this year.
  • Online Candle Lighting, Blessings & Season's Greetings - Still as appropriate as it was when the page was first created for Christmas 1999, "Light Candles This Season," provides our visitors with the opportunity to light candles online for joy, hope, courage, peace, grace and love.
  • Updated Article, Holiday or Anyday Blues "The Holidays 2001: Coping in this Year of Change & Uncertainty" - New for this Holiday season, an updated version of our "Basics about the Holiday Blues." The initial revised version, Ways of Coping with the Holiday Blues" was used as a handout for physicians at the Medical Grand Rounds lecture presented at Kaiser Permanente, Diablo Service Area in November on "Identifying Loss(es) and the Grief Response in Our Patients." Additional material was added after contemplating just how different this year, this holiday season is compared to recent years past.
  • Article, Ways of Coping - "Creating Rituals During The Holidays" written and shared by Gail R. Mitchell from the Empowering Caregivers Website,
  • Article, Ways of Coping - "Creatively Expressing Grief" This article was originally part of the syllabus created for the Professional Course on the Somatic Aspects of Loss & Grief offered this summer through the University of California Berkeley Extension. It was first used on the site as part of the 9-11: United in Courage & Grief resources.
  • Article, Resources "The Importance of Telling (and Listening to) the Story." A shorter, earlier version appeared within the 9-11 United in Courage & Grief Section.
  • Updated E-cards for Sympathy, Condolence & Pick-me-ups - For the holidays we have updated the Journey of Hearts e-cards. We are hoping with the new site to eventually be able to create our own advertising-free e-mail cards.
  • Upcoming Memorial, December 9, 2001 Worldwide Candle Lighting - The Worldwide Candle Lighting is held annually on the second Sunday in December, this year December 9, 2001. At 7 pm in every time zone, candles are lighted in honor of all children who have died. As candles burn down in one time zone, they are lighted in the next, creating a 24-hour memorial.
  • Redesign Update - After completing updated information for the Holidays, the next step is to finally begin the redesign of Journey of Hearts site. With some effort and luck, we hope that we can let the new version go live in January, as we work on editing and updating materials.
  • November 2001

  • Presentation - November 21, 2001 - Dr. Dyer presented Medical Grand Rounds on the topic "Identifying Loss(es) and the Grief Response in Our Patients" for the Kaiser Permanente Diablo Service Area to more than 100 physicians at five facilities. Included in this presentation is the new version of "Ways of Coping with the Holiday Blues." Journey of Hearts is listed as a resource.
  • A Major Milestone - Journey of Hearts surpassed the 250,000 visitor mark. With the two URL's linking to the site (something we plan on remedying in the new version) and many people finding information on pages deep within the site, , we believe that these numbers reflect only a percentage of the actual visitors to Journey of Hearts.
  • Journey of Hearts Poem "The Messenger" is Featured

  • - "The Messenger" poem is one of the "Poems & Prayers" listed on the NYFD Widows Message and Support Board.
    - "The Messenger" was also featured in the October 2001 Newsletter from the Amelia Center in the newsletter devoted to the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 tragedy.

    October 2001

  • Presentation Mentioned, TechMed October 25, 2001. The article by Ronnie S. Stangler, MD "Medinfo2001 -- Towards Global Health: The Informatics Route to Knowledge" mentions the presentation ("Medical Internet Ethics: A Field in Evolution") that addressed the evolution of Internet ethics, elaborating on dilemmas posed by research on the Internet. The article can be found at Leaving Site under the online TechMed journal. Requires registering to view the article.
  • September - October 2001

  • September 11, 2001 - The Day the World Changed. The redesign of the Journey of Hearts website is put on hold in order to research and compile resources following this national disaster.
  • 9-11: United in Grief
  • Why does my heart feel so bad?
  • What is Different about this Event?
  • The Healing Effect of Telling the Story
  • Wake-up Call for the World
  • Health Concerns for Witnesses to the Events
  • Blessings, Prayers, Lyrics, Poems & Quotes
  • 911: Blessings
  • 911: Prayers
  • 911: Lyrics
  • 911: Poems
  • 911: Quotes
  • Remembering Our Children
  • Helping Children to Cope with Tragedy
  • A Letter to Help Children Cope with Tragedy
  • Ways of Helping & Coping
  • Creatively Expressing Grief
  • Resources - Professionals, Visitors & Parents
  • For those who would like to share their thoughts, how they are coping with this tragedy, post a message, tell their story, share resources that have been helpful, or respond to someone else's message we are opening up the new message forum ahead of plans for Journey of Hearts, "Transformations on the Journey." Message Forum

  • Paper on "Medical Internet Ethics: A Field in Evolution" included as part of the Tenth World Congress on Health and Medical Informatics, Medinfo 2001 Leaving Site in London.
  • August 2001
    U.C. Berkeley Extension Instructor - Dr. Dyer teaches a course on the Somatic Aspects of Loss and Grief in August 2001 for the U.C. Berkeley Extension This course fulfills one requirement for the Professional Program in the Study of Loss and Grief, now being offered by the Counseling and Psychotherapy department. For more information on the Professional Program in Loss and Grief see Site

    May 2001

  • Redesign Begins! - The New and (we hope) Improved Version of Journey of Hearts
    After nearly two years in the thought or planning stages, the redesign of the Journey of Hearts site is finally underway. See the redesign page for more information or to take our redesign poll.
  • Medscape Article Leavingon Death & Dying Quotes Dr. Dyer - Hope Vanderberg, MA, Assistant Editor for Medscape interviewed Dr. Dyer for her report on the 51st AMSA Conference in "Conference Summary: Skirting the Issue of End-of-Life Care" Leaving for insights into the medical education process on death and dying.

  • Note: Accessing this article requires a free registration at the Medscape site. Sorry for any inconvience :)

    April 2001

  • U.C. Berkeley Extension Instructor - Dr. Dyer is scheduled to teach a course on the Somatic Aspects of Loss and Grief in August 2001 for the U.C. Berkeley Extension  This course fulfills one requirement for the Professional Program in the Study of Loss and Grief, now being offered by the Counseling and Psychotherapy department. For more information on the course see LeavingFor more information on the Professional Program in Loss and Grief see Leaving
  • Journey of Hearts Paper used in Medical Informatics Course Syllabus - Our paper on "Journey of Hearts: From Idea to Reality" presented at the ITCH 2000 in August is included Topics and Readings list for MINF 520. This paper was included as an example of Patient education and informatics for this Oregon Health Sciences University course in Consumer Healthcare Informatics.
  • March 2001

  • Acceptance of Paper for Medinfo 2001 - Dr. Dyer is scheduled to present paper on "Medical Internet Ethics: A Field in Evolution" at the Tenth World Congress on Health and Medical Informatics, Medinfo 2001Leaving this September in London.
  • Presentation - Dr. Kirsti A. Dyer presents a special conference program on "Dealing with Death and Dying in Medical Education and Practice" as part of the Interest Group on Death and Dying Leaving at the The American Medical Student Association's (AMSA) 51st Annual Convention Leaving in Anaheim, California.
  • Online Death & Dying Web Resource - This section of website includes the materials used for the AMSA presentation. Special articles include:
  • Medicine, Ethics & Informatics - This web resource was prepared Winter Quarter 2001 as a project for the Oregon Health Sciences MINF 528 Course, Advanced Topics in Medical Informatics. The authors of this resource are Ella Epshteyn and Kirsti A. Dyer, MD, MS. (Dr. Dyer is currently a graduate student in the OHSU's Distance Learning Program in Medical Informatics.)
  • Expert & Advisor Physician Services - Dr. Dyer joins as an Expert and Advisor to the MomMD® Website, the online community for women in medicine. Leaving
  • Article - Written for the MomMD® website "The Road Now Taken, One Woman Doctor's Journey through medicine" article discusses my views on the hardships of medicine and the blessings of motherhood. Leaving
  • Article - A second article written for MomMD® "The Road Lightly Traveled: Part-time Medicine" discusses the benefits I have found in working part-time in Medicine. Leaving
  • Award - Journey of Hearts receives another medical website award; this one from Med411 Leaving in recognition of "Content of interest to healthcare professionals" and "Tone and presentation maintained at a professional level Site structure, navigation and graphic design executed at a professional level."
  • February 2001

  • A Major Milestone - Journey of Hearts surpassed the 200,000 visitor mark. This represents only a small fraction of the actual numbers who are finding the site, since April 1998.
  • December 2000

  • Presentation - Dr. Kirsti A. Dyer presents a Continuing Medical Education lecture on "Healing from Grief Using a Website, Color, Writing, Poetry and Wilderness," for the The American Institute of Medical Education Leaving in Maui, Hawaii. The lecture was based on information derived from the Journey of Hearts website.
  • October 2000

  • Featured Website - Journey of Hearts was a featured website October 13, 2000 at the Spiritual Sisters of the Internet Cafe. Leaving They described as the site as "an excellent online healing resource focusing on loss and grief can be found at Journey of the Hearts, which deals with the many facets of grief and loss, everyday loss and lifetime loss."
    Note: This article is no longer available at their web site. Sorry for any inconvience :)

    August 2000

  • Presentation - Dr. Kirsti A. Dyer presents a paper on "Journey of Hearts: From Idea to Reality A Website for Web-education on Grief and Loss" at the ITCH 2000 Leaving (Information Technology in community Health) Conference head at the University of Victoria, School of Information Health Sciences in Victoria British Columbia. Leaving

  • 9-11 Ribbon In the aftermath of the September 11 tragedy, we are a country and a world forever changed.
    Life is very different in the wake of this event.
    This tragedy has taught all of us that life is very short and very precious.

    Kirsti A. Dyer, MD, MS

    See the Emergency 911 Page for links to immediate resources
    if you are feeling helpless, hopeless, overwhelmingly depressed, or suicidal.

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